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Catalyzing a new generation of applications powered by zero knowledge cryptography

O(1) Labs is a global and remote company that incubated the Mina Protocol. Our team operates on the cutting edge of Web3 and zero-knowledge-proofs.


Welcome to O(1) Labs!

A word from the team

We’re a group of people from all around the world who use cryptography and cryptocurrency to build computing systems that put people back in control of their digital lives. If that excites you, read on!

We believe, however misguided some actors might be, that Web3, cryptocurrencies, blockchains (or whatever else you name them) have the power to change our world for the better. And we believe building a private and secure way to access Web3 will do this for everyone, and not just crypto natives.

Building for Web3 also means doing what we preach:

  • We are diverse: our team members are from all over the world, and not just a few countries.
  • We govern ourselves: our unique employee governed model enables us to stay in control of our own professional lives in a pragmatic way.
  • We are owners of our product: not only do we take pride in our work, each team member also owns tokens that give them ownership in our main product.

Changing the world is hard, so we encourage you to learn more and consider joining our team to work on cutting edge technology, get challenged and collaborate with kind and smart people!

What we work on

Here are a few products we’re actively building.


Life at O(1) Labs

Although we started in San Francisco in 2018, we’re now a fully-remote team distributed around the world.

This means we don't have geographical headquarters. Our headquarters are in the cloud.

Team members love to collaborate remotely and in person during company events and our bi-annual company off-sites.


Our Culture and Values

At O(1) Labs, we take culture seriously and… differently. A group of employees synthesized our values so that we can establish our culture from the bottom-up.

Default to transparency

We default to transparency, and we discuss major decisions publicly.

We are actively inclusive

We make sure everyone is invited to the party.

Play as a team

We win as a team. We compete with other projects, not with other coworkers.

Always be respectful

We treat each other with respect.

We’re all owners

We put ideas before titles. We all have a say in the work we do and the conditions under which we do it.

Perks and benefits

We believe that team members’ health and well being is our priority at O(1) Labs. We offer great health benefits, flexibility and unlimited PTO and opportunities to learn.

  • Employee governance
  • Competitive compensation, including tokens and equity
  • Work from anywhere (timezones permitting)
  • Company offsites
  • 12-weeks parental leave
  • 401(K) matching
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance for employees and dependents
  • Professional development program
  • Unlimited vacation policy
  • Home office set up program
  • Wellness program

Jobs at O(1) Labs

Here are some of our most popular roles. For a full list of roles please visit here.

Our team


O(1) Labs

O(1) Labs is a global and remote company that incubated the Mina Protocol. Our team operates on the cutting edge of Web3 and zero-knowledge-proofs.